NOTE: Pricing excludes shipping and is price sold with mufflers or headers


This baffle (single) is designed to work only with TAB Performance 2018 - Up Harley-Davidson Softail Sport Glide slip-on exhaust pipe mufflers.

Be VERY careful when removing or changing baffles on your exhaust. TAB Performance is not responsible for any damage you cause to your exhaust.


2018 - Up Softail Sport Glide Exhaust Baffle - Sold individually


Fits only in TAB Performance Part Numbers 131-1292 & 131-2292


132-0325 - Zombie Baffle - Loudest
132-2503 - 2.5" Louvered Core Baffle - Medium
132-1753 - 1.75" Louvered Core Baffle - Quietest

Softail Sport Glide Replacement Baffle

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