NOTE: Pricing excludes shipping and price is when sold with mufflers or headers in the same order.


  • Fits all 1985+ Harley-Davidson touring models.
  • Constructed from high strength stainless steel.
  • Replaces Factory Hanger


It can be a challenge to center your Harley Touring mufflers, especially if you have stretch bags that wrap around your mufflers. If you have aftermarket bags or fender extensions this can be even more difficult, at least until now. With the Bullseye Bagger centering brackets, centering your mufflers is a lot easier. The slotted two piece design gives you the adjustability you need and makes for an easier installation.

These brackets can also be extremely helpful if you have a clearance issue due to an aftermarket suspension and / or oversized mufflers.

Bullseye Baggers Centering Brackets