NOTE: Pricing is for 2 pieces (a set) and excludes shipping. Price shown is sold with mufflers or headers


Part No: 212-1750 - Louder than stock but on the quieter end
Part No: 212-2500 - Medium range
Part No: 212-0125 - Loud as you can get without going non-baffled

Note: Zombie baffles will not come with fiberglass wrap as it does nothing and is not necessary. The photo of the product shown is the louvered baffles, that will come with the fiberglass.

These baffles are designed to produces a head-turning rich, deep and throaty tone. The baffles are considerably louder than the stock baffles with a deeper, richer tone.

Crafted with the same TAB Performance quality and backed by our legendary customer service you can’t go wrong. These baffles have the same infamous deep, throaty sound that TAB is known for.

Be VERY careful when removing or replacing baffles. TAB Performance is NOT responsible for any damage you do to your exhaust.



  • Fits any TAB Performance Indian Touring or Bagger B.A.M. Stick 4" Slip-on.

    Part Numbers
    211-1290, 211-2290,
    211-1291, 211-2291

Indian Touring and Bagger Replacement Baffles for 4" Slip-ons

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